The Art of the Possible

How to Keep Your Organization Focused on Opportunities 

(Not Just Survival)

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Join J.P. as he speaks with Keith Shah, Senior VP and GM of Optum, about the importance of keeping your organization open to opportunities they might miss if they are focused only on day-to-day management, especially in this time of extraordinary challenge. Over Keith’s career, he has helped organizations succeed by finding that balance between developing an effective strategy and getting an organization to execute successfully.


  • The importance of recognizing the true motivation behind why people work 
  • How to engage your team by communicating a clear vision and a plan to execute
  • The importance to both the organization and your teams to continue to focus on what is possible even when the current outlook is filled with challenges
  • The science behind why some leaders are better equipped to extract discretionary effort and inspire people to work at their full potential 
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IHHP Co-Founder, Partner and Keynote Speaker

Dr. J.P. Pawliw-Fry is an emotional intelligence keynote speaker, leadership thought leader, peak performance expert, and co-author of the New York Times bestseller, Performing Under Pressure. J.P. challenges groups in an inspiring and practical way to think differently about human behavior, leadership, and how to manage the pressure that is overtaking so many organizations and individuals today.



Senior Vice President and GM, Optum

Keith Shah has a PhD in Health Policy and Economics and over 20 years of experience in Consulting, Payer and Provider Executive Leadership, and Health Care Transformation. Dr. Shah oversees strategy, growth, and transformation work for payer, provider, and life sciences for Optum Advisory Services. His multifaceted background and approach is focused on driving growth and performance in a rapidly changing environment.

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At IHHP, we teach you how to skillfully manage difficult moments so that you don’t have to choose between avoiding or potentially making a mess of them. Over the past 20 years, we built a methodology of  teaching of these skills with life changing results to Olympic and professional athletes, hundreds of blue chip companies, including Goldman Sachs, Intel and IBM and many  government agencies, including the US Marines and NASA. We have also, literally, written the book on pressure, with it becoming a NY Times bestseller.

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